A Young Man Stands In His Bedroom. It Just So Happens That Today, The Thirteenth Of April, Is This Young Man's Birthday. Though It Was Thirteen Years Ago That He Was Given Life, It Is Only Today He Will Be Given A Name! What Will The Name Of This Young Man Be?

                                                                       -The Narrator, Page 1, Homestuck

Homestuck is a webcomic that began on the Thirteenth of April, 2009. It is known as one of the longest works of fiction on the internet, and has one of the, if not the, highest rate of updates of any webcomic. This is in part due to the format of the comic. Homestuck is loosely based, like all MSPaintadventures comics, on the older text-based adventure games that appeared during the first few generations of personal computers. In this way, it also mimics a Choose Your Own Adventure story, with the exception of an immutable plot.

That is not to say that the plot is straightforward, however. Homestuck has gained a level of notoriety for its intricate, non-linear storytelling, as well as frequent mood shifts and tonal differences between story points. Regardless of that, or more likely because of it, Homestuck has an enormous fan community. The comic itself features interactive pages such as walkarounds, flash animations up to thirteen minutes long (as of writing this), and music from a huge list of official tracks.

The story includes huge amounts of worldbuilding, including alternate universes, "failed" timelines, an afterlife, repeated death and ressurection, love triangles, heartbreak, and a grey alien race known as trolls that have created a fandom all of their own within the larger Homestuck readership.

Homestuck is currently on Hiatus in preparation for the final update, which will include at least one entire act. It contains scenes of death and mature tones that theoretically make it unsuitable for younger readers.

The PlotEditEdit

Homestuck Is About Kids And Fun.

                              - The Fandom, Blatant Lies

Homestuck is split into a number of distinct acts, in the loosest terms ranging from Acts 1-6. However, this discounts the number of plot-relevant intermissions and sub-acts, which become especially prevalent during Act 6.

A brief summary is as follows, complete with spoilers:

  • Act 1: The Note Desolation Plays.
    • The first act details John Egbert obtaining a beta copy of the game SBURB, a recently-announced game that requires multiple players. As he plays alongside his friend Rose Lalonde, he talks to his other friends Dave Strider and Jade Harley, each of whom also have copies of the game. They quickly discover that SBURB is capable of affecting the real world, and undertake a few tasks designed to set up the adventure to come, both in-universe and out. After a series of humorous shenanigans involving summoned Kernelsprites, clown mannequins and cake, there is suddenly a Meteor and John finally enters the game world.
  • Act Two: Raise Of The Conductor's Baton.
    • John explores the Medium, a different dimension, and discovers that Earth is unavoidably doomed. He has trouble interacting with the strange experiences and creatures of the Medium, but cannot dwell on it for too long as he has to fight off foes that are encroaching on his house, which was placed there with him. Meanwhile, Rose explores her house to re-establish an internet connection, but a fire starts as more meteors fall nearby. Though she is endangered by it, her Mom opens a way to a secret lab that she can escape to. Meanwhile meanwhile, Dave's brother challenges him to a swordfight on the roof.
  • Act Three: Insane Corkscrew Haymakers.
    • Jade Harley is shown to live on an island and have an unusual understanding of SBURB. John begins his journey into the world he has found himself upon, the Land Of Wind And Shade. He converses with his Kernelsprite and learns that he is the Heir of Breath. Dave continues to fight his brother, eventually losing. In the lab, Rose discovers that her Mom is in some way linked to sburb. In earth's future, shenanigans begin to occur between various Exiles of Prospit and Derse, both of which exist in the medium. Rose is teleported back to her house, where she begins her own game of SBURB.
  • ​Intermission: Don't Bleed On The Suits.
    • ​Spades Slick deals with his rivals in The Felt. Time goes crazy for a bit, and a new destiny is made.
  • Act Four: Flight Of The Paradox Clones.
    • John continues exploring LOWAS. In the future, the Exiles become friends over sugary drinks. Rose explores her the medium, finding herself somewhere known as the Land Of Light And Rain, and realises that she isn't close enough to john to meet up with him. She is revealed to be the Seer of Light. A number of Trolls that had been occasionally trolling the Kids begin to interact with them in a more significant manner. The Exiles are joined by a Monarch, who entrusts her rule to the Peregrine Mendicant. Dave enters the game, but John creates a Failed Timeline. Dave, using his powers as the Knight of Time, restores them to the Alpha Timeline. Future Dave then becomes Davesprite, and guides vanilla Dave through his world, the Land Of Heat And Clockwork. Jack Noir, an agent of Derse, kills the Black Queen and begins the Reckoning early. The Trolls begin to work with the Kids as John creates an important Pile of babies, including younger versions of himself and his friends. A lot of Weird Plot Shit happens, and Jack Noir crashes the moon of Prospit into Skaia, the center of the Medium. This kills Jade's Dream Self.
  • Act Five Act One: MOB1US DOUBL3 R34CH4ROUND.
    • We are introduced to the twelve Trolls, their backstories, personalities and interactions, as well as troll culture and the insidious First Guardian Doc Scratch, who shares powers with Jade's dog Becquerel. It is revealed that the purpose of Sburb is the creation of new universes, but that something prevented the process from being completed naturally.
  • Act Five Act Two: He Is Already Here.
    • The Kids continue to explore the Medium, interacting with one another and the trolls. We see the Trolls' perspective and what they have been doing since they were denied entry into the universe they created. Different trolls become each kid's Patron Troll. Dave's Bro is killed on LOWAS while fighting Jack Noir alongside Davesprite after he receives a power boost from Jade's entry, which gives him the abilities of Becquerel. Jade explores the Land Of Frost And Frogs, and discovers that she is the Witch of Space. John is endangered by Bec Noir igniting the oil of LOWAS, but Vriska Serket encourages him to do The Windy Thing. Shortly afterwards, she leads John to a Quest Bed, where Bec Noir appears and kills him. After Noir leaves, john arises to become a God Tier Heir of Breath and finds himself on Skaia. Rose discovers the Green Sun, a star with the mass of two universes that functions as the energy source of all First Guardians including, now, Bec Noir. On the Trolls' meteor, Gamzee Makara, Eridan Ampora and Vriska Serket begin killing the others. Vriska and Eridan are stopped, but Gamzee escapes. Dave fights his inner demons and continues his quest alongside Jade, but John and Rose meet and decide to fight Bec Noir on the battlefield of Skaia. John is killed ignominously, and Rose continues the fight but eventually succumbs. John ressurects due to his God Tier abilities, and Rose wakes up as her Dream Self. She and Dave then meet and decide to enact a plan to destroy the Green Sun. Meanwhile, Andrew Hussie himself comes across Doc Scratch via his Fourth Wall, which was stolen some time ago. He kills Scratch and frees a young Damara Megido, but the young Witch of Time is met by none other than Lord English. Jade is killed by a concerted plan by Bec Noir, but his Becquerel powerup gives him a strong loyalty to her, and he takes her to her own Quest Bed, where she revives as a Dog-Tier Witch of Space due to shenanigans of her own. Jade then teleports herself to Skaia and saves John, Davesprite and each of the planets of the Medium. Meanwhile, Rose and Dave use the total mass of both their universe and that of the Trolls' to fuel a bomb which will theoretically destroy the Green Sun. Instead, it creates it, them having travelled in time as well as space to get there. The Trolls use it as a beacon to throw their Meteor towards, and they ride it there. In the future of Earth, Bec Noir escapes the destruction of the Kids' Medium via the Exiles' meeting place, where he kills each of them except the Peregrine Mendicant and Wayward Vagabond. After he escapes, the Peregrine Mendicant takes the queen's ring and realises herself as the Prospitian Monarch, then chases after Noir. Out of the Green Sun appear Rose and Dave, who became God Tier via their sacrifices. They join the Trolls.
  • Intermission: The Man In The Cairo Overcoat.
    • Doc Scratch's body, now dead, is used for its purpose as a gateway for Lord English.
  • Act Six Act One: Through Broken Glass
    • We are introduced to a second set of Kids; Jane Crocker, Jake English, Dirk Strider and Roxy Lalonde. They live in a world where the Troll Empress has infiltrated human society and creatures from Alternia, the world that the trolls came from, exist among them. Each has an Alpha copy of SBURB.
  • Act Six Intermission One: Corpse Party.
    • The Prospitian Monarch chases Bec Noir through Paradox Space, but not before teleporting the Wayward Vagabond to the Trolls' meteor. The Trolls talk to John, who sends them a message via Jade's First Guardian Powers but decides to stay with her. Both humans and trolls resign themselves to a journey towards a new session that will take three years to complete.
  • Act Six Act Two: Your Shit Is Wrecked.
    • Dirk talks Jane through leading their team of players for when they begin their session. Roxy sleepwalks through Paradox Space with her Dreamself, and almost meets Rose Lalonde. Jake English meets Aranea Serket in a dream after fighting with a robot that was given to him by Dirk. The Empress, Her Imperious Condescension, has taken over Derse and destroyed their session's Skaia. She uses her agent, that session's Jack Noir, to infiltrate Prospit, but he is imprisoned there instead. Jane enters SBURB.
  • Act Six Intermission Two: Penis Ouija.
    • Lord English begins tearing down Paradox Space. Dave and Karkat Vantas become close friends during their journey, and Rose and Kanaya Maryam also grow close. The trolls discover their Alternate Universe Ancestors/Descendants (Dancestors) throughout Paradox Space, in Dream Bubbles that function as an Afterlife, but also where players of SBURB dream when their Dreamselves are dead. Lord English kills Andrew Hussie.
  • Act Six Act Three: Nobles.
    • Jane explores her land and talks to Callie Ohpiee, a new Troll. Jack Noir stews in his cell and murders several guards. Callie is revealed to be Calliope, a member of a different species known as a Cherub. She thinks that her brother, who shares her body due to their strange biology, is trying to kill her. Jake confronts his sexuality, and eventually admits that he is attracted to Dirk, who Jane is also attracted to. Dirk, alongside a CPU version of himself that he designed, reveals that he is from the Future of his earth. As events in jane's session become difficult, he and Roxy's real selves are killed and they reawaken as Dream Selves. Each of their homes are brought into the medium via various shenanigans, and together they bring Jake in as he kisses Dirk's disembodied head in front of an erupting volcano as a dragon flies overhead. Caliborn, Calliope's Brother, succeeds in killing her and enters his own session of SBURB.
  • Act Six Intermission Three: Ballet Of The Dancestors.
    • Meenah Piexes, the Dancestor of Feferi Piexes, arrives in the Dream Bubbles late due to the affects of paradox space, and finds that her teammates from her session of SBURB have been there for millenia. She decides to recruit them into an army with which to kill Lord English. John, sleeping, fights Bec Noir, but is reawoken by Rose, who is passing through his dream bubble. She and the rest of the gang on the Meteor meet up with the Dancestors and are offered a spot in Meenah's army. Karkat agrees, but only after they complete their current mission. Vriska Serket, separate from both groups, begins creating her own army with which to distract Lord English as she searches for a weapon that can kill him. The two join forces after an attempted fight instead drew crowds that they could put to use.
  • Act Six Act Four: Void.
    • In the shortest act so far, the Alpha Kids play their session for an indeterminate amount of time, and get more skilled and better equipped.
  • Act Six Intermission Four: Dead.
    • Caliborn plays through his session of SBURB, but encounters Gamzee Makara. After shooting him full of lead, he allows him to act as his guide.
  • Act Six Act Five: Of Gods And Tricksters.
    • Jake aggravates Jade in the run up to her birthday by complaining to her excessively about Dirk, who he is now in a relationship with. She ditches the preparations for her party and goes back to her own home, where her missing father was last seen. Roxy is captured by the Empress, who uses GCat, the First Guardian of their universe, to bring her to her. Dirk, for his part, decides to use the AI version of himself a