Welcome to Webmedia!Edit

Welcome to Webmedia.Wiki! This is a wiki devoted to detailing all levels of web-based storytelling, from webcomics, to serials, to blogs and so on. Please do add facts about any stories or series you have to offer!

The Goal Of This WikiEdit

From startup character artists with numerous, unrelated characters, to the works of long-running web professionals, this wiki will strive to encompass them all. Stories are an integral part of human life, and therefore of the internet. These fictional worlds are explored here. It isn't a place to talk about real-world events, but to catalogue, chronicle and converse about the newest method of spreading stories.

The 21st century is the dawn of a new age of storytelling, and of new accesibility to the stories being told. This wiki is geared towards being at once a handy guidebook to those stories and a celebration of their existence, and is of course entirely unofficial unless otherwise stated. In the spirit of this, there will also be theory pages for such media, and these and many others will contain spoilers for the stories and characters within. These will be marked, but be warned!

Latest activityEdit

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